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Avon has been around for over a hundred years and has been one of the strongest and most consistent supporters of women’s issues and causes of any company in history. It is well known and respected for its efforts to end domestic violence and support the victims of this crime as well as for its contributions to breast cancer research. This is just part of the great contributions to female efforts the company continues to make. And on top of this it has provided great opportunities for career potentials as well as for part-time income and social advancements it offers. Even men have joined the ranks and frequently succeed in carving out very successful and satisfying new careers for themselves. The income potential is virtually endless and anyone who joins the ranks of Avon representatives can take it as far as they want.


It has been said that Avon literally sales itself, and as any tried and true representative will testify, it certainly does. Simply mention that you sell Avon and not only do you make immediate friends, but you instantly increase your clientele. There are very few businesses that can make the same claim. One of the few changes that has occurred through the years is that while it was traditionally a door to door sales style, women now have accounts with to keep themselves and their cars well maintained as there is still a lot of driving involved, but much less footwork.


This is due in part to the fact that the Internet and various social media sites contribute greatly to the consumer potential for most representatives. The diverse amount of items contained in each brochure testifies to the growth of the company as well as to the quality of the products. Standard make up options like lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, powders and blush are still popular and common. However, bath and hair products like shower gels, shampoo and conditioner are highlighted by various treatment and care options like frizz control conditioners that continue to expand every year. The skin care products are another one of their great options that remain of high quality and are more affordable than many other company’s products. If you’re interested selling Avon simply look at their website online and sign up. You might want to purchase a new set of Hankook tires as you will definitely be using them for your new career.